Photos from Inside Yoga’s post7 days spent in Divine Play. The first day we all …

Photos from Inside Yoga’s post

7 days spent in Divine Play. The first day we all arrived, we talked about our expectations of the upcoming week. We were all in the same space, with the same intent. To release, let go, surrender, play, and enjoy this amazing week ahead, enjoying the nature and serenity of the Island. It was both what we needed and what we desired at the same time. Some release, but also some coming to terms with things long repressed. These beautiful souls so open and willing to see and move past, have inspired me to let it all come up and release it all at the same time. Eyes shinning brighter than anyone’s I have ever seen, understanding of a million lives, sensitivity and presence like no other, courage and taking chances, humble teachers again being students, old friend becoming new again…. I can go on and on… But all I really can say is thank you for making it easy! Love has never felt so good!!! I love you all ! And I cannot wait upon our next reunion!

<3 <3 <3 Sara Sekovska Neda Kocare Tina Karataseva Ana Trajkova Katharina Unterrichter Petra Leder Lotta Bystedt Suzanne Ballas Victor Navarro Roldan Daniela Miovska Daniela Stavrovska Frosina Remenska Until then: lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu p.s. A tremendous thank you to our hosts at Estate under the Paintbrush, Vis Island,Croatia-Imanje pod kistom, otok Vis for giving us the space to BE, thank you to Davor at Vis Sea Adventure for the amazing boat trips!!! Lea at Stand up paddle - Vis Croatia for being the best support system and to Ana Stuparić for feeding us the most sattvic food! We are blessed with your presence!! [ad_2]

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