Vis Island Yoga Teacher Training ️ ૐ To keep the light shining bright without c…

Vis Island Yoga Teacher Training ✔️

ૐ To keep the light shining bright without casting shadow on someone else’s light.
To know how to glow but also stand beside others who glow as brightly as we do. ૐ

ૐ To make space for our emotions, our thoughts, our bodies, our breath.
To make space for ourselves, always, so we can make space for others too. ૐ

ૐ To see me with all that I am, good and bad, so I can see you too.
To always be reminded that it is just a process that we are going through.
To not identify with whatever arises.
To let it go.
To release and stay present in the here and now. ૐ

ૐ Experiencing you again and again.
Each moment new.
Each day new.
Getting to know you.
Such a pleasure. ૐ

ૐ To get to know ourselves, so we can fully understand others too.
To listen to the song of our heart so we can shine brightly and always shine the light from within. ૐ

ૐ To stay here, to take in, transform, digest, melt into our nature, and let it settle deep within.
Always though, always, allowing for the fire from within to keep stirring the soul. ૐ

ૐ To keep allowing us to grow and shift and move and change, every time a new cycle enfolding, again and again, until one day we meet in an endless lavender field. ૐ

ૐ Thank you beautiful souls for coming! ૐ

ૐ I bow down to you! Namaste ૐ

Photography courtesy of the super talented Ivana Batev

Neda Kocare
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