Art apartment

It is on the 1st floor of the house, facing east, south and west. The 70m2 space has 2 bedrooms, a living room, an open kitchen and a bathroom and covered terrace. Since it used to be the atelier of the owner, an academically trained painter Josip Karakaš, it is full of paintings and creates an experience of living in an artist’s studio. Flooded by light, vibrant with positive creative energy, it faces green tree tops of the surrounding woods.


 TV SAT, WiFe Internet.

Living in harmony with nature“ is our lifestyle and living on an island is possible only if we cooperate with nature and adapt to it. Our philosophy is based on active and holistic approach to life and on doing our best to follow the principles of sustainable living. Our families live here and gladly share our space and life rhythms with visitors.

Having invested much energy and love into the property we have found our vocation in tourism, primarily in creative tourism. We are here to help you organize creative and art workshops at our estate, workshops of spiritual development, of holistic living and healthy eating, yoga retreats, seminars, weddings, etc. You are welcome to practise yoga, SUP yoga, go bicycle riding and sail in our boat. We organize boat trips, wine and olive oil tasting trips and will gladly recommend places of interest to visit on your own. We are experienced in organizing yoga retreats, photography workshops, painting workshops, weddings …

Living in harmony with nature“ is not just a sentence to us. We live by it. To be honest about it, is to prove it by life. Come and be a part of ours. We had many guests, who became more envisioned, more enlightened and more themselves here at the island where lies the Spark of creativity. Click the link bellow : “More about our Art” to see for yourselves our artistic expressions

Where we are: the island of Vis

The island of Vis is an exceptional place which captivates the visitor with its natural and cultural heritage along with its energy. It is located in the sea between Croatia and Italy, 25 miles southwest from Split, which makes it the most remote inhabited island of the Croatian coast. On the island there are two towns harmoniously intertwined with the landscape: Vis to the north and Komiža to the west, which both boast interesting architecture, rich history and friendly inhabitants. Besides the two towns there are numerous villages, such as Rukavac, which offer ample opportunities for a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Fascinating, devine, the jewel of the Adriatic, a paradise“, these are just some of the epithets the enchanted visitors from all over the world have used to describe the island of Vis. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has listed it among ten last paradises in the Adriatic. You will be captivated by the beauty of its vistas, its coves, its caves, the richness of its sea bed, by the abundance of its fields and also surprised by the quaintness of its cultural heritage which bears witness to the millennia old Mediterranean civilisation.

Our location

The island of Vis is accessible by ferry or catamaran departing from the harbour in the town of Split. A journey by ferry takes 2h 15 minutes and by catamaran 1h 15 minutes:

The town of Split can be reached by all means of transport:

Split airport HERE

Train information HERE

Prices and booking

The price of accommodation per apartment/per day, in EURO:

The receipt of a reservation/advanced payment for accommodation will be confirmed by e-mail, telephone or fax. For a cancellation of booking the deposit is not refunded. The full amount of the price is due immediately upon arrival. For a stay longer than 15 days, we give a 5% discount on the full price.

A reservation is considerd valid upon receipt of a deposit of 30% of the total price.


“Vis is the best hidden secret on Adriatic coast. Its the place where u go to find yourself ; where u become more you. Your creative energy levels flow to the highest peaks , and your trueself reveals in a way that no drug or any other medication can expose. Nature gave to Vis alot, the sea is beautful and the only thing missing is you.”

Josip Karakas Creative Director at The estate under the PaintBrush

Camellia House – Art

This house, which has a ground floor and 2 upper floors, makes a harmonious whole with the garden. On the ground floor there is apartment SAFIRA, on the 1st floor there are apartment Dalia and apartment ART, while the 2nd floor houses studio AZUR. Each space has a separate entrance and its own terrace.

About the Property

„The Estate under the Paintbrush“is a fascinating place, an island on the island, a unique blend of beauty, art and nature. It is situated in a small cove of Rukavac, a quiet and pleasant village perfect for relaxation, in the southeast of the island of Vis, 8 km away from the town of Vis and 20 km from the town of Komiža.

The owners of the property are an artistic family, therefore the name which suggests that it has come from „under the painter’s brush“ and everything within its perimeter is a product of creative touch and artistic approach.

The estate is 800 meters away from the sea and offers no view of the shore, but it is a magical oasis of harmony, beauty and creativity. With its comfortable and artistically designed spaces in the House Camellia and House Jana, as well as with its 1.7000 m2 Mediterranean garden, the estate is an ideal place to unwind and revive the body and spirit on the stunning island of Vis.

The accommodation we offer is in the Houses Camellia and Jana, amidst a lush Mediterranean garden vibrant with colours and fragrances that bathe the living area and spread from the rooms onto terraces, from terraces back to the garden, creating a positive energy of light, scent and constantly circulating breeze.


Estate under the Paintbrush is a phrase that signifies a family-run estate, where creativity rules. The stroke from the paint brush belongs to Josip Karakaš, an academically trained painter who has designed the whole space in his own vision, with the help of his wife Zorica and his sister Smiljana Isaeska.

House CAMELLIA belongs to Josip and Zorica Karakaš. Apartments SAFIRA, DALIA, ART and AZUR are all a part of CAMELLIA.

House JANA, with apartment JANA belongs to Smiljana and Mirko Isaeski.