Creative & Active tourism

Here is a short display of memorable moments spent with great people we have met through years of workshops and seminars, which have brought much joy to all of us.

1. Soul Building Holistic retreat, September 2013, Lidija Delić & Silvana Leskovar
2. Summer Dream yoga retreat, 23.July-1.August 2014, Javier Castro & Lea Lončar
3. Ashtanga yoga retreat, 01 June- 08 June 2015.- Anna Rakvin
4. Summer Dream yoga retreat Vis Island, 20 July-27.July 2015., Javier Castro& Lea Lončar
5.Teacher Trening 200hr yoga, 01 09-21.09 2015, Javier Castro
6. Echo of Simplicity, 5Rhythms retreat, September 2015, September 2016, Enesa Mahić
7. Magical Painting retreat, 11-19 June 2016, Josip Karakaš & Simonida Filipova-Kitanovska
8. Divine Summer yoga retreat, 25 June-02 July 2016, Lea Lončar& Nikola Drviš Grk
9. Heart Open Wide yoga retreat, 02 -08 July 2016, Neda Kocareva
10. Swimming in Vis, Club Karioskore, San Sebastian, 09-16 July 2016
11. Intensive 200hr yoga Teacher Traning, 26 August-11 September 2016, Javier Castro& Tomas
12. Yoga retreat with Miya Signor, Vis, 04.06.-10-06.2017.
13. Divine Summer Yoga retreat, 25.06.-02.07.2017.
14. Yoga Retreat with Katja Valič, 17.06.-23.06.2017.
15. Heart Open Wide yoga retreat with Neda Kocareva, 02.07. – 09. 07.2017.
16. KAIROSCORE training camp, 29.07.-05.08.2017.
17. Yoga Teacher Training with Doug Swenson & Lea Lončar, 29.08.-17.09.2017.

Our Art
„Living in harmony with nature“ is our lifestyle and living on an island is possible only if we cooperate with nature and adapt to it. Our philosophy is based on active and holistic approach to life and on doing our best to follow the principles of sustainable living.  Our families live here and gladly share our space and life rhythms with visitors.

The name of the property expresses the notion that it is a hand-painted space, using the paintbrushes of the extremely talented and creative artist Josip Karakas, a painter and art historianm and owner of “Estate under the Paintbrush”  are but a  great artistic achievements.  His artistic works have been exhibited in numerous individual and group exhibitions and have won many awards and honors.  He has been a curator to many gallery exhibitions and author to large number of art criticisms and reviews. He was also a thriving art teacher in his own art school “Dega Art” which helped thousands of students, many of whom are already well-established artists. Under his supervision, and under the activities of the association “Dega Art” on the island of Vis, Josip has held Summer Painting Workshops which were based on pastel and watercolor techniques and were open to participants of all ages from all over the world.

Creative & Active tourism

Having invested much energy and love into the property we have found our vocation in tourism, primarily in creative and active tourism. We are here to help you organize creative and art workshops at our estate, workshops of spiritual development, of holistic living and healthy eating, yoga retreats, seminars, weddings, etc. You are welcome to practise yoga, SUP yoga, go bicycle riding and sail in our boat. We organize boat trips, wine and olive oil tasting trips and will gladly recommend places of interest to visit on your own. We are experienced in organizing yoga retreats, photography workshops, painting workshops, weddings …