„Living in harmony with nature“ is our lifestyle and living on an island is possible only if we cooperate with nature and adapt to it. Our philosophy is based on an active and holistic approach to life and on doing our best to follow the principles of sustainable living. Our families live here and gladly share our space and life rhythms with visitors.

Having invested much energy and love into the property we have found our vocation in tourism, primarily in creative tourism. We are here to help you organize creative and art workshops at our estate, workshops of spiritual development, holistic living and healthy eating, yoga retreats, seminars, weddings, etc. You are welcome to practice yoga, SUP yoga, go bicycle riding, and sail in our boat. We organize boat trips, wine, and olive oil tasting trips and will gladly recommend places of interest to visit on your own. We are experienced in organizing yoga retreats, photography workshops, painting workshops, weddings …

„Living in harmony with nature“is not just a sentence to us. We live by it. To be honest about it is to prove it by life. Come and be a part of ours. We had many guests, who became more envisioned, more enlightened, and more themselves here at the island where lies the Spark of creativity.