„The Estate under the Paintbrush“is a fascinating place, an island on the island, a unique blend of beauty, art, and nature. It is situated in a small cove of Rukavac, a quiet and pleasant village perfect for relaxation, in the southeast of the island of Vis, 8 km away from the town of Vis and 20 km from the town of Komiža. The owners of the property are an artistic family, therefore the name suggests that it has come from „under the painter’s brush“ and everything within its perimeter is a product of creative touch and artistic approach. The estate is 800 meters away from the sea and offers no view of the shore, but it is a magical oasis of harmony, beauty, and creativity. With its comfortable and artistically designed spaces in the House Camellia and House Jana, as well as with its 1.7000 m2 Mediterranean garden, the estate is an ideal place to unwind and revive the body and spirit on the stunning island of Vis. The accommodation we offer is in the Houses Camellia and Jana, amidst a lush Mediterranean garden vibrant with colors and fragrances that bathe the living area and spread from the rooms onto terraces, from terraces back to the garden, creating positive energy of light, scent and constantly circulating breeze.

The Estate under the Paintbrush is a phrase that signifies a family-run estate, where creativity rules. The stroke from the paintbrush belongs to Josip Karakaš, an academically trained painter who has designed the whole space in his own vision, with the help of his wife Zorica and his sister Smiljana Isaeska. House CAMELLIA belongs to Josip and Zorica Karakaš. Apartments SAFIRA, DALIA, ART and AZUR are all a part of CAMELLIA. House JANA, with apartment JANA belongs to Smiljana and Mirko Isaeski.

``This little wonder is hidden within beautiful bushes of lavender - a couple of minutes walk to the beach. I truly recommend it!``

Nica Raya Lima Megan

``Zorica and Josip were perfect hosts on our stay on the magical island of Vis. Their immaculate apartments are spacious and sunny, and they are a delightful walk away from some beautiful and quiet beaches. We have already made plans to return in the spring.Spacious rooms. Thoughtful amenities.``

Eileen Muir

``Thank you for the excellent hospitality, beautiful Zorica, and Josip. The whole place is very unique, obviously created with love and contains plenty of biological fruits. I am highly recommending it!``

Maya Apostoloska